Monday, January 3, 2011

Last night's project - Today's photoshoot

Last night my fabulous sister Amy and I stayed up wayyyyy too late [after we said we were going to recover from New Years and family and just the whole winter break in general]. We started crocheting these fabulous headbands [and yes, I know, it sounds like an old person... but *we* make crocheting {cool} haha]

Anyway, after we watched lots of crochet tutorials on You Tube [Yay! for You Tube!] and made a few different flowers.... we ended up with these pretty exciting projects... which means you *have* to do a photoshoot. :-)

{Mine was getting a little washed out in the sunshine... so here's a more detailed shot]

We had lots of fun shooting... even though it was *freezing* out... so we ended up with some pictures that aren't exactly of the headbands. haha.

[And we'd be happy to make you one of these, in *your* colors for 20$]

[And these next three are just me being.... fun I guess]


  1. y'know, I just love these pictures. :) you girls are *adorable* and the snow is so pretty!

  2. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!! :)


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