Monday, June 27, 2011

{The Zahms | Kimball, MN Family Photography}

Oh my, get ready for a long post. I absolutely love this family, and we have lots of fun together! They're all such a bunch of cuties, have amazing eyes, and they tell the best jokes :) We had good times hanging out with my camera....

 {Sarah's the second oldest [you already saw Luke's pictures over here] }

 {She's one of my good friends, and a beautiful girl. We have lots of good deep conversations together}

 {Natalia is next... and she's a girl after my own heart :) my type! Plus she laughs at all my jokes... which makes me feel like I'm actually funny}

{I did a happy dance when I saw this picture, isn't she *gorgeous*?!}

 {Daniel is Zahm number 4, and he's pretty cool}

 {He always helps clarify the jokes that Benjamin and Ian tell wrong}

{Sometimes I wish I had hair like his}

{He and Daniel get along pretty well}

 {And they're pretty good on the tramp}

 {And then there's Benjamin, the mischievous one}

 {But he's also quite the gentleman, and thinks deep thoughts}

 {you can't forget Ian... he tells the *best* stories}

 {and has the cutest giggle}

{Isn't he a cutie!?}

 {annnd the littlest one. Zoe.}

{But just because she's the littlest doesn't mean she isn't tough... "Zoe's tough, one time she got hit by a shovel!" ~Benjamin}

 {They like their big bro}

 {all of them!}

{Yes, they're cool}

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{Zac and Amanda | Quick Preview}

I did Zac and Amanda's engagement shoot this morning. They're so cute together, look at them! More coming soon :) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Tiffani | Dancing Portraits}

Tiffani and I went out last week to do some "just for fun" portraits. Tiff started dancing when she was 3 and although she stopped in tenth grade she's been coaching it since. We had lots of fun tramping around Brainerd, MN, losing parts off my car, and stupid garage sales that say "HUGE" on the sign but LIE! haha  Best quote of the day, as she's walking across the street in her tutu, "I don't feel conspicuous at all." Thanks so much for being a rad model Tiffani!

I'd been wanting to shoot at this bridge and tunnel for a long time, and hadn't gotten the chance. So glad they got saved for this shoot, they turned out so great!

 {Isn't she just cute??}

 {Like it?? yessss}

 {A Favorite}