Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Sisters

Yesterday I was painting my little sisters' fingernails {not all of them.. I have three more} and since the were sitting in *gorgeous* light, and the needed something to keep them distracted until the polish dried... {we took pictures}

Rachel was first:

She's three. 

and her nickname is "Chubs"  {originally Chubby Monkey} 

Those eyes. Those eyes. And that smile. 

Of course since Rachel got time in front of the camera Natalie wanted some too: 

Natalie is six...

And she has eyelashes that pretty much look fake.....

Plus, she has the most charming little grin that would make you forgive her for *anything*.

Sarah didn't get her nails done... but she got her make-up done :) and there's always nice light in the bathroom....

Sarah is nine. And this is her little smirk after I told her she was blinking :)

This is one of my favorites of her. She's got such stunning looks {oh, and I'm in love with those eyes again}

This girl is just gorgeous.

Maybe my next project will be the other three sisters......


  1. You are all gorgeous! and sweet.

  2. ahhh, you've gotta love beautiful light! :)

  3. Those eyes? Yes. Those eyes are your eyes. :)

  4. Wow! Can you paint *my* nails?! ;) These are awesome, Kelley!

  5. Thanks everyone! =) Sure Laurel, I'll paint your nails! ;)

  6. Kelley,

    These pictures of your sisters are priceless!! You all have GORGREOUS eyes, my goodness!!!! WOnderful pictures!!!!!!


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