Saturday, September 11, 2010


Because this senior is just so totally amazing, she gets more than one session. ;) Hence, this is *only* a preview. Much more lovelyness coming up. Soon.

{I could write much more on this girl... but I'll save it for another post. <3}

{yesssss. I like this} 

{there were some creepy people from the bar watching us on these ones.. but we're still alive, and we have some sweet pictures! }


{what cuteness!}


  1. nice work, Kelley. I can't believe she is a senior already!

  2. taking your own sister's senior pictures is about the funnest thing around. I had such a blast with my sister last year. :)

    besides, Amy has a pretty *fabulous* photographer and I could write a bunch on your, her wonderful photographer. =) She's really blessed!

    love you, girl!

  3. So i saw the first picture and was like... yeah. That has TOTALLY got to be your sister!

    For image number 0008, did you use a flash bounced off a very golden reflector?

  4. lol, yeah a lot of people say that Merissa :-) They usually ask if we're twins. Number 8.... It was evening so there was a *lot* of light around, so I just used the very gold side of my reflector. Plus the light at that time is warm anyway.....


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