Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I love Spring: Sudden Snow Storms

Well, technically I don't really love this about spring. It's almost a little cruel... but if it happen we can change it so... take pictures! And maybe go skiing... or sledding. Too bad there wasn't a sudden ice rink ;)

[I was inspired by this guy: and decided to try some blurry pictures. I kind of like the mood this gives you, but what is your opinion? Diss it or Love it?]


  1. I've tried this a couple times too... still haven't decided if I like it or not. Definitely worth experimenting with though!

    'bokeh all the way through'


  2. Kelley, have you ever been to Tara Whitney's site, or seen her photography? She is one of my absolute FAVORITE photographers - her photography, her personality, everything. Her approach. I just love it. She has a whole section of photos called "In Betweens" that are photos just like that. It's very interesting to read her thoughts about these photos, to read what her thought process is with photos like this. Go take a look! You can find the collection of In Between posts in the category list down at the bottom on the left.


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