Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Sharing: BHLDN

Ok I am NOT planning a wedding [unless you are getting married.. I'd love to plan yours! haha] but I AM slightly obsessed with Anthropologie's new wedding line: BHLDN

{and btw, it's pronounced Beholden}

They're pretty expensive, but fun to look at... and get inspired by. Have fun!

[A few favs]

Pinwheel Tea Dress

[Love this dress... not so much the hairpiece, little much ;)

Sweeping Taffeta Ball Gown

[This one... love it. If the top actually fit]

Tulle Era Dress

[And this one is just so delightfully different... mmmhhhhm]

Peony Hairpin

[They also have some gorge hair pieces.. some, though, are pretty insane.]

[Oh, and these gloves {sigh} they're so feminine]

Unabashedly Gloves


  1. heheh. Help me plan MY wedding, girly! ;)

    oh those gloves...are so dainty. I love them, and I'm not really a glove person.

    That is one ugly hairpiece, but the one you showed more up close is pretty. Such a broad variety - have to have something for everybody, y'know. LOL.

    that skirt on the "delightfully different" one is gorgeous. Love the detail of the flowers and trim. :)

    Ha. I love to dream. Now I'm ready to plan my wedding. Oh snap. Back to reality. Let me hop on my projects that I'm *supposed* to do today instead of just dreaming... *sigh* ;)

  2. Pretties. :) The first dress is lovely...reminds me of Grace Kelly. And the third? Hello, 20's! As long as you're [not] planning weddings, you might want to check out They have some fabulous stuff to drool over. :) Christa Taylor has used quite a few of their veils in her shoots.

  3. I *love* the cream tea length one (middle photo). So cute, and charming, and vintage. :)


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