Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Grinets

Just had to share a *couple* ;) more of David and Leah's gorgeous day. Too much amazingness going on here to pick just a few. lol

 { Leah had the most rad personal attendant every... if I was getting married in the near future ;) }

 {gorgeous, yes? yes.}

 {just lovely}

 {so cute. SO cute}

 {one of my favorites}

{little sigh when I saw this one... }

 {they rock this pumpkin patch, don't they?}

 {pretty, pretty girls}

 { "Leabs look" }

 {pocket watches? oh yeah.}

{ poor Paul's was pinned to his pants ;) }

{like the little smirk going on here} 

 { Mr. and Mrs!!! }

{ to see more of the Grinet's pictures check out my facebook page }

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