Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Bro, Tom

This my brother Tom,
He's nine years old, and quite ambitious. One of our favorite family stories was the time Thomas was fixing the toaster he found in the recycle and almost burned down the house...... :-) well, not quite, but in the words of Natalie, his little sister, "And it 'tarted 'parking! and then Thomas said, 'unplug it! unplug it!" 

The boys built a spearfishing/ice fishing house this winter, and Thomas decided he wanted to make his own decoy. It took him a little while and a lot of trial and error, since Tom is the first in the family to try and make one, but he did an amazing job!

This is the finished product!


  1. Kelley, I haven't seen photos of all your family members, but he definitely looks like a Kossan! the eyes, face structure and facial expression...maybe I should say *all* your siblings look like you, but I guess it's just the Kosanna look!

    I've never heard of a decoy for a fish ~ ha, learn something new everyday! he did an excellent job from what I can tell - wow!

  2. Aww! Handsome guy! ;)


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