Saturday, January 2, 2010

Six Things that keep us alive in Minnesota

I know I've blogged about the cold before.... but it's here again!

today when I woke up it was -32* and there was ice everywhere.... like the door hinges. All I could think about was these things that I am SO thankful for here in Minnesota, the six things that keep me alive....


Wool Socks to put in those slippers....

wood stoves to play cards by....

and just hang by...


and you can't forget a good game of hockey, to keep you warm.

And last, but NOT least, long underware! but I thought you might not care to see a photo of those :-)


  1. cute slippers! and cute little girl sitting by the wood stove. =)

    and great pictures; you used light effectively in all of these!

    Love you!

  2. I am a Minnesota resident, so I can certainly identify with you. Dad thinks we've become a little soft from the "warm" winters we've had the past few years. ;)

    I love SmartWool socks. So warm! Lovely photos and post.

  3. Thanks, Erica! Just curious how you found my blog??? =)

  4. Kelley....haha, Erica can answer the question too I guess, but she found your blog through mine. =) I don't "know" her but I have visited her blog for awhile and thus she found mine...



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