Friday, January 22, 2010

Long Distance Friends

I've meet a lot of super cool people at the photography classes that I've taken through IPS but most of them live far, far away. So we decide to have some fun and all shoot the same things on the same day and upload our finished photos on facebook for us all to enjoy. Thought I'd share them here as well =]

 :: Texture - Woven ::
:: Teapot ::

:: Mail ::

:: Toothbrush ::

:: and this was my "wild card" ::  :-)


  1. Way too much fun!!

  2. these are great Kelley!

    My favorite, favorite, favorite is the teapot. =) I love the window reflections...and it totally makes me want to sit down and have a nice little tea party! {smile}

  3. awww, thanks Ruth Ann! maybe someday we'll get to have a tea party together :)


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