Monday, August 13, 2012

{Jose and Katie - Married! | Motley, MN Wedding Photographer}

I can't believe it's taken me this long to share the images of this amazing couple. Their wedding day back in June was SO much fun, everyone was so relaxed and chill, and I enjoyed being able to be part of the party! Jose and Katie, you guys are such a comfortable couple and I can tell you guys are totally meant for each other. Thank you again for picking me to be part of your day!


  1. LOVE! Do you have the rest on your website? I would love to see them all! I just LOVE wedding pics! Awesome! Where were the outside ones taken?

    1. Yay! Glad you like them :) I think I posted the link to the rest of them on your facebook wall... but I can send you them again. hehe. The most of the outside ones were at the Zetah's house, but some of them were at the church.


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