Monday, July 9, 2012

{The North Shore - Lake Superior MN | Personal}

When Katherine came to visit early in June {to shoot Jose and Katie's wedding with me!}, we also squeezed in a camping trip to the North Shore. It's how we work.. pack it all in. We may have forgotten a lot of fairly essential stuff, but we didn't get eaten by bears, or rained out of our tent, or have trees fall on us, or get smashed by a rock fall, although we thought we were going to ;) All in all, we had a pretty fun trip, and saw everything from two step falls {which is MUCH farther than two steps} at Tettegouche, to Split Rock, and Palisade Head... from Betty's Pies, to ships arriving in Duluth and the Silver Bay Marina. Gooood times!

Oh, and did you know? Bears don't have thumbs. 

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  1. I love Duluth so much! I need to go more often! Split rock light house was my favorite! loved the pics! Brought back memories!


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