Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I love Winter: Frost On The Windows

[Since my other friend... Laurel Wade  is pretty special too {she's from Texas} this post is dedicated to her.. She's a photographer as well, check out her blog {linked to her name} and her facebook fan page!]

Frost patterns on the shop door when you're going out to the barn to milk, makes life a lot better. [gorgeous]


  1. Beautiful! The prettiest window frost at my house is in the stinky chicken coop. It is stunning! Your photos always bring me joy, Kelley!

  2. Beautiful picture! :)

    (and.. thanks for dedicating the post to me!:) That's sweet!)

  3. Aw thank you all! Mrs. Moldenhauer, that's the best compliment that someone could give me. Thanks! :D


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